Going to a rehab clinic seems to be just part of the celebrity lifestyle these days… I guess getting addicted to drugs or alchohol is an easy trap to fall into in the entertainment industry. Celebrity Rehab has brought many of these addiction issues to light for a small number of celebrities, but there are still many other people who are currently or who have in the past suffered from addiction issues. We continue our series of posts on Celebrities in Rehab (that you never knew about), and look into the story of Jamie Lee Curtis.

During her successful film career, Jamie Lee unfortunately developed an addiction to the drug Vicodin
and alcohol. Eventually, she went to rehab to beat her addictions. The Serenity prayer that she learned in rehab gave her hope on giving up these addictions, and helped her come through the other side. “Hopelessness is a state of no change,” she is quoted as having said, continuing that “Change equals hope. I think that change is an absolute necessity, for any sort of salvation.”