Book Review: Celebrity Rehab, by Rosie O’ Donnell

(Grand Central Publishing, October, 2007)
Rosie O Donnell’s account of her withdrawl from celebrity life is sometimes surprising, sometimes heartbreaking, and sometimes funny, but always brutally honest about the dangers and risks for addiction that come with living a celebrity lifestyle. Her new book Celebrity Detox is an account of the time after she left the spotlight… the years after she left her top-rated tv show in 2002. Rosie reveals what it is like to be in the world of talk show tv, as well as speaking candidly about the challenges she faced while co-hosting the popular daytime show The View. Rosie Talks about how it is easy for anyone in the spotlight to develop a severe addiction, as well as outlining the ups and downs of the celebrity life, as well as her personal trials as a mother. If you are interested in peering into the world of celebrities, celebrity detox and the effects of addiction in Hollywood, check out this book!