Season 2 of Celebrity Rehab premiered on October 23, 2008. In addition to a new cast of recovering addicts, actor and recovering cocaine addict Gary Busey, who, while claiming to be sober for 13 years admits to using “medical marijuana” during his intake interview, will appear as the cast’s sobriety coach, and has a poignant and memorable one-on-one with his long time attorney, Vicki Roberts, and Dr. Drew and Sophie.


* Steven Adler, former drummer for Guns N’ Roses
* Jeff Conaway, actor, returning from season 1 to recover from numerous back surgeries.
* Rodney King, who in 1991 was stopped and then beaten by Los Angeles Police Department officers. The incident sparked a racial controversy, which led to the L.A. Riots.
* Tawny Kitaen, actress and model
* Nikki McKibbin, singer and former American Idol contestant
* Amber Smith, model, actress
* Sean Stewart, reality TV star and son of singer Rod Stewart.