Sober House picks up where Celebrity Rehab left off, in which celebrities with substance addictions with a transition from a drug-rehabilitation center to a less-structured, drug-free, home where sober living is taught. The home is run by “House Mother” Jennifer Gimenez and rehab tech Will. Bob Forrest serves as the head counselor. Dr. Drew Pinsky provides outpatient counseling to the recovering addicts during their time in the house.

Episode 1
The Season Premier of Sober House features the celebs from Season One and Two of Dr. Draw’s very successful Celebrity Rehab show. The manager, Jennifer Gimenez, introduces each of the addicts into a sober living house and explains the rules to them. Steven Adler comes to the house sporting heroin and obviously very, very high.

Episode 2
The house holds a BBQ for the Buddies of the participants. During the BBQ, Steven Adler becomes aggravated and irritated, going upstairs to a bathroom when the power goes out. A heroin-caked tin foil pipe and a lighter are found in the bathroom after Steven leaves. After Steven continues to act totally aggressive towards the staff of the house and all the camera crew members, Jennifer calls the police and demands they eject him from the house.